Sunday, October 26, 2008

2008 Voter Turnout

By all accounts, voter turnout in 2008 is expected to set records. Most of the discussion in the media has been the effect that this higher turnout, and the influx of first time voters, is expected to have an impact on the presidential election.

There are other ramifications, however. In Massachusetts, we have several initiative proposals on the ballot. Question 1 proposes eliminating the state income tax, and Question 2, if passed, would reduce the current penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Question 3 would ban greyhound racing in the Commonwealth.

Question 2, in particular, will be affected by the number and demographics of the voting population. Young, liberal voters would be probably be more apt to vote for decriminalization than older conservative types.

The ballot questions generally get little press--and its not unusual for voters to show up on election day not having read or researched the issues that are behind the questions.

So the question I have is--are all these new voters conscientious enough to do their homework on the questions, as well as the candidates, before November 4?

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