Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mice in Cars

I've been battling mice in the house ever since the cold weather set in. With two dogs, we can't use poison, so we set out traps. We catch some, but there seem to be an infinite supply of the little creatures. I'd become resigned to these uninvited guests, figuring that putting up with mice is one of the consequences of living in a semi-rural area.

This morning, however, the battle escalated. Tom started the Suburban and its electrical system was obviously a mess -- the car started and then seemed to die. He managed to get it to the repair shop. Several hours later he was presented with a ziploc bag filled with shredded materials -- the remnants of a mouse nest. They'd chewed through the wiring.

We're now at war.

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  1. This same disaster happened to us a few years ago when we had one of the first four door Geo Trackers. Jason took the car to band practice out in the middle of nowhere and two weeks later I opened up the glove box for a tissue and found a nice nest in there. ACH!

    We have two cats. They are the best mouse traps I've ever had. Our little one, she's two and still looks like she's no older than 6 months, caught a Norwegian Mouse a couple weeks ago and left it for us on the bathroom floor. It was HUGE! Maybe you could invest in a cat. Honestly, we haven't had half the problems we did the first year we lived here.