Sunday, February 15, 2009

White House Uses Taxpayer Funds to Get Stimulus Passed

Consider this: The United States is in a grip of a raging crisis. George W. Bush is at the helm, and is positive that he knows how to fix it. The Senate and Congress, both with Republican majorities, have crafted a bill that accomplishes his goals. The problem? He's one vote short. A strong advocate of the bill is out of town dealing will a personal tragedy. President Bush sends a government plane, at taxpayer expense, to bring the senator back to cast the crucial vote. The bill passes, and the government pays to return the senator back home.

Pretty outrageous, don't you think? The party in power uses taxpayer money to further their agenda, because, in their opinion, its important--and after all, they know what's best. When asked, they won't tell how much the plane cost. Arrogant. Outrageous. Abuse of Power. Those are the headlines you'd be reading.

Well, that exact situation happened this week, with a twist. The White House sent a plane to Ohio to bring Senator Sherrod Brown back to cast the deciding vote for a very partisan stimulus bill, in a rush to get it passed before anyone could read it.

It is not appropriate for the party in power to spend everyone's money to further their agenda.

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