Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Comfort Foods and the Financial Crisis of 2008

Yesterday, when the markets were in a death spiral, I wrote about Chicken Pot Pie. Well, it appears that I was on to something. Charlie Gibson did a segment on the nightly news tonight about comfort food. It appears there is not only an economic reason that people turn to basic foods in a financial crisis, but a biological one as well. Scientists have found that fatty-carbohydrate-laden dishes reduce stress--that in times like these, the "bad" foods are actually good for us! He didn't cite authoritative sources on the air--but if Charlie says it, its good enough for me.

The other interesting point mentioned in the segment was that amid the massive stock declines yesterday, one major company's stock actually went up--Campbell's.


  1. That is interesting that Campbell's stock went up in the midst of the stock market mayhem. It makes you wonder if everyone just wanted to sink into a bowl of chicken soup and breathe deep.

  2. I'll buy it. Any excuse to eat is good enough for me!! lol