Saturday, November 22, 2008

Before "'Twilight'' there was ''Dark Shadows''...

The current vampire frenzy created by ''Twilight'' reminded me of ''Dark Shadows'', the TV Show that introduced vampires into a soap opera over forty years old. Here's a clip from the episode where Barnabas Collins arrives at Collinwood.

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have been discussing a film version of Dark Shadows, with an estimated release date of 2011 or 2012, but Entertainment Weekly reported last month that the project appeared to be dead. Maybe the success of the Cullen vampires will bring the Collins family back to life?

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  1. One of the girls I grew up with and I used to rush home from school and watch Dark Shadows every day!! It was far better than General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. I would love to see Burton and Depp do Dark Shadows.

  2. I would be ecstatic if they made Dark Shadows into a movie. I remember watching reruns when they were on and I loved them. Can you imagine what it would be like now?

  3. I'd love it to! I was another one who'd race home every day to watch it. My friends and I played Dark Shadows on the playground every day in 4th grade! :)