Sunday, November 16, 2008

California Proposition 8 is Not Protecting My Marriage

Proposition 8 was a ballot initiative that sought to amend the California state constitution to eliminate the right of same sex couples to marry in the state. It passed on election night, 52%-48%.

Proponents of Prop 8 used phrases such as "defend" and "protect" in justifying their enthusiasm for the measure. That sounds great, right? Who wouldn't want to "defend marriage"? The family is the bedrock of society, and it certainly should be defended. Well I'm a heterosexual woman living in Massachusetts, and I haven't felt that my marriage has been under attack, or needed "defending" since same-sex marriage was legalized here in 2004.

Life is short. We are on this planet together for a very brief moment. What matters is that we love--not who we love, or how we love--but that we appreciate, support, value, and commit to be there for each other--while we are fortunate enough to be together.

There are plenty of things that people who want to "defend marriage" could be spending their time on. Marriage is certainly under attack from many things in society today. People concerned about protecting marriage could work to eliminate the source of financial stresses that rip people apart. They could work to stop the cycle of domestic violence, so children of abusers don't grow up to be abusers themselves. They could work on providing support to women caught between caring for children and aging parents. There's lots that can be done to "protect" marriage--but preventing two people who are ready to commit to each other in this wonderful, difficult, life-affirming journey of matrimony is not one of them.

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